GrapheneOS w/ Google vs iOS w/out Google

Whatsapp works even without google play services and even google maps should works without a google account IIRC.


WhatsApp works without needing Google Play. Is there are any other apps or services you’d need that you think may be an issue?

Unfortunately, I rely on a number of MS apps for work, including OneDrive and Teams for comms and collaboration.

Edit/addendum: I suppose the key advantage of GrapheneOS is in this instance that I can install and limit this to a separate profile that is segregated from my personal data.

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You can just get those from the Aurora Store. No need for Google Play Services and a Google account.

Correct. On Android there is also a thing called “Work profile” which you could use for work related apps, etc.


I haven’t been able to that for a few years now. Google wants a phone number to make a new account and they won’t accept VoIP.

Just stumbled upon this video, which, as far as I understand it as it’s not explicit, seems to corroborate your view:

Same here. I actually managed to create an account a month ago without a phone number (basically tried over and over again for days on an empty chromium android browser on public WiFi and trying multiple VPNs).

However, it’s usually recommended to create a two-factor authentication afterwards to avoid Google closing the account for spam. But when I tried to do this, Google required that I first give them a phone number before I could get a software token to put into Aegis. So back to square one.