GrapheneOS is taking action against anti-competitive Play Integrity API

So far, only EU banks appear to be doing this which is convenient since we already have contact with the EU Commission with a focus on the anti-competitive Play Integrity API many banks have adopted. They’re not going to be impressed by banks banning open source screen readers…

If the reason why you can’t use GrapheneOS or any other alternative OS is because the developers of your apps that you need are a bunch of fucks, then you might be in luck if the EU steps in to end the anti-competitive Play Integrity API.

If this happens, there will be no reason to use stock OS’s because Google Play Services works, Android Auto works, and all the apps that don’t use the Play Integrity API work too.


That would be wonderful news if the EU actually takes action.

But wasn’t it the EU that inadvertently caused the problem in the first place? Before PSD2, most banks offered low-tech options for approving logins and transactions such as paper TAN lists (now not allowed anymore) or SMS-TAN (now either unavailable or paid).

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I’m not sure what EU has to do anything with the fact that some apps only work on OS’s that are Google Certified.

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Hell yes, Google shouldn’t be allowed to get away by choking the “not Google certified” Android ecosystem.


Because since PSD2, a lot of banks now require the use of their app when they didn’t before. But of course, as you say, Play Integrity is not in any way mandated by the EU, it’s just security theatre.

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EU has the DMA which limits what Google can use on Android. In this case though, it is a free choice by banks.

Also there is no requirements for phone apps for the record. That’s just the way banks go about it. My banks also don’t enforce safetynet.

It’s not only the banks. I think Uber and McDonald’s apps did or still don’t work on OS’s that aren’t Google Certified.

True that. I mostly have issues with that Google Play Store doesn’t some apps saying the app isn’t compatible. Often when getting them via aurora they work just fine. Very few apps indeed check and also fully don’t work, would be amazing if that gets fixed.

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Your phone has to be “PlAy PrOtEcT” certified for your own safety if you want to install Netflix /s

Įrenginys nėra sertifikuotas = your phone isn’t certified.

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FYI, u can use this link to self certify if your custom ROM is not Play Protect certified

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GrapheneOS can’t be certified because it adds things like network permission, etc. The certification process and requirements are pretty dumb.

Netflix can be installed on GOS since a few weeks/months. It doesn’t require a certified OS anymore. But this is still great if it succeeds


@Lukas You cans set-up a user profile with Google Play Services installed

I’m not sure what difference it would make. The phone would still not meet device integrity.

Which certification are you talking about ? I don’t know precisely the subject

GrapheneOS isn’t certified because that would require making some privacy and security sacrifices.

So even if you install Google Play, Google Play services on GOS you can’t get certification??

Also,I saw this exceprts from Android – Certified - Partners

** Play Protect certified Android devices** are tested for security and performance and preloaded with Google apps.

This is a clear breach violation of the DMA. EU’ digital competition law.

Yes, you can’t.


No. Only manufacturers that sell their soul to Google and follow whatever Google basically says can get the Android compatibility.

For example, in 2020 Google made it mandatory for certain OEMs to ship with Google Messenger and Google Dialer instead of their own custom ones. This will be unacceptable to basically any Android distribution that uses their own apps. (LineageOS has its own set of apps for example.)