Google introduces end-to-end encryption for Gmail on the web

note: It is not yet available to users with personal Google Accounts

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This is misleading, Google still holds a master key

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Hope they roll this out to everyone soon

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This is massively misleading. They are not in fact offering true E2EE.
Google’s encryptionn method will allow them to possess a “master key” that will decrypt the emails.
Basically you have a single public key and 2 private keys, one owned and used by google, and one owned by you.


Apart from what other respondents said below, I read the news as E2EE would be enabled for Enterprise Google Workspace clients, which is a paid service. Gmail is the free flavour of this service for individuals.

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The article conflates “Gmail” with “Workspace” and uses that interchangeably. All the Google articles linked are in the Workspace admin, help pages, so there’s absolutely no indication this will ever be available to Gmail users. Considering SMIME was only ever available for Workspace users.

A microscopic step on the Right? direction…