State of Gmail

A brief search for Gmail shows a description that reads “Gmail: private and secure email at no cost” - ‘We will never use your Gmail content for any ads purposes. Gmail uses industry-leading encryption for all messages you receive and send…’

I am aware of the shift in the Google Workplace even last December, but it appears the full rollout is here.

Anyone have a good analysis or resource speaking to their claims? These are literally the two largest reasons I left, and from their wording it appears that’s the case for most people. If Gmail has climbed up the stack of crap options I’d like to know where they are compared to something like Proton (even if they still have a mile to climb).

Would you trust a partner who has lied and deceived you on numerous occasions in the past and continues to do so in other circumstances?
Surely not, it’s the same with Google, you can’t trust anything they say!

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Perhaps the site can make blog post about the rebuttal of sorts? Like what is surveillance capitalism and how the big tech profits from it.