Good firewall for home users?

Hey. I just started in cyber security and at work we have some NGFW which look into layer 7 traffic. Therefore you can block on layer 7.

I like this idea and I wonder if there’s anything out there which I can implement on a software basis and not on hardware basis at home. I want to control every traffic and want to go the zero trust mode which means every outbound connection has to be allowed.

Is there anything like that on Windows? Maybe something like Simplewall?

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Safing Portmaster perhaps? There’s already a discussion about this going on here btw:

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I’d have to check about zero trust mode, but otherwise I think Portmaster as jonah said is a good option.

On initial install, I had to restart my computer an additional time for the internet to work, but since then I’ve had a great experience with it. It does everything I want it to do quite sufficiently, and the UX is solid as well.

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I’m still researching the best Windows Firewall App. Glasswire looks like a good option as it has many features at a low price.

Check out my thread here for help: Software Firewall for Windows? - #18 by 4hjp7l9mt