Global Privacy Control now exposed in Firefox

With the release of Firefox 120, Global Privacy Control is now exposed as a checkbox in the settings. Considering that Brave has this enabled by default (pretty sure the only way to disable it is through a flag), would it make sense to recommend enabling this for Firefox? Or would concerns over this being a strictly non-default setting with regards to fingerprinting take precedence?


Just to add, here is a good run down of all the notable things with this Firefox release from Frederik Braun, Security Engineer & Manager for Mozilla Firefox.

Firefox 120 is releasing today!

  • Fingerprinting protection for unknown Canvas fingerprinters (requires using Enhanced Tracking Protection in Strict mode)!
  • Copy URLs with tracking parameters removed!
  • WASM GC is shipping!
  • lh and rlh units are now actually perceived as lengths!
  • HTTP Early Hints Preconnect!
  • Various security fixes!
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So does this mean CanvasBlocker is now redundant (for those not using RFP)?

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