Foldersync app with privacy changes

Unfortunately by far the best sync app for folders on Android, Foldersync, seems to have made a massive shift from privacy respecting to giving away data to many third-parties.

After the latest update starting the app shows a consent banner with what feels like a hundred third-parties, many activated by-default. I have never seen a consent banner with this many third-parties in an Android app. The privacy labels on Play Store and statements on their website still seem to be the old version, don’t reflect this new change and sound privacy respecting.

Does anyone know something about this change?

Can anyone recommend a good sync app with reliable two-way and one-way sync? Nextcloud’s own app can’t do this, is unstable, slow and battery-hungry.

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I haven’t seen that. I’m on v3.5.16 Pro (bought through website, not Play).

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Also worth to keep an eye on RoundSync, although I’ve never tried it and it doesn’t yet support two-way sync: rclone Bisync support · Issue #17 · newhinton/Round-Sync · GitHub

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Can’t beat SyncThing

For Android to Google, I use DriveSync Ultimate, which is in the Google Store as “Autosync for Google Drive” by MetaCtrl.

I do have FolderSync Pro, and don’t see adds. Maybe if it’s not Pro there are ads.

I got both Foldersync Pro and Autosync/Drivesync on a app store sale years ago.

Syncthing is great. Problem with it is that it does not integrate well with servers. If it is some cloud service, it does not work at all, if it is your own server, you need to run indexing files on every change Syncthing does on every service you host which accesses these files.

I have been using the free version. The question is how much you can trust them now, even on the Pro version.

The free version had ads as long as I can remember, but they didn’t share data with these many third-parties. The list of third-parties seems overly excessive.

I’ve got a second tier that goes to a cloud in another region. Essentially my syncthing hub then has the relative directories moved up/out/over. With a couple local copies, it’s easier to pull than to 2FA into the cloud host and download the file in a browser.

I’m basically expecting a catastrophe to strike my region at some unknown future point.

I run Syncthing on always-on PC (windows), and haven’t had any issue so far (~2 years)

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