Firefox memory leak

once a month we will see someone somewhere to write that firefox have memory leaks
what is this memory leaks ?
all firefox users have memory leaks ?
is serious bug ?
what happen to me if i have memory leaks ?
why nobody write about chromium memory leaks?
all that is some general concerns just for discussion

original post is here : Reddit - Dive into anything

works on my machine :man_shrugging:

I had a memory leak with Firefox one time, IIRC, when I was using Manychat in Firefox 116. It seems to be fixed in a later version.

However, Firefox always uses a ton of RAM on my system compared to Chromium-based browsers. I only have 8 GB on my laptop, it crashed my system many times due to insufficient RAM. I never have this issue when using Chrome or Brave, also with more tabs opening.

It’s the opposite for me, I frequently have 30+ tabs open in ff, with 50-70 unloaded tabs. And it works just fine. Chromium starts shitting itself at around 20 tabs