“Find my Device” on GrapheneOS

Is there a way to run Google’s Find my Device app on GrapheneOS? Using it on my Pixel (GOS) I can find my second device. Yet while the App on the other non-Pixel (non-GOS) device does show the Pixel within its app it shows the Pixel’s app as being turned off. All the while it IS on and showing the location of the non-GOS device. There is probably a simpler way to ask my question… Any ideas? (Eventual goal: 2 Pixels running GOS but one with Google’s location tracking on while on long trips.)

I can’t test this myself. If you don’t get an answer here soon, a better place to ask might be: https://discuss.grapheneos.org/


I personally use on my Pixel6 as alternative of Google’s Find my Device app FindMyDevice app by nullide and the corresponding server FindMyDeviceServer on a personal instance.
You can therefore set it up on several Pixels and see one of the Pixels from the other by connecting to its server.

Thanks! :smiley: I’ll check it out.

I have no idea how to set up a server. But THANKS I’ll look into it.

You can use nullide server for free but it’s better to set up a personal server for privacy.