Fedora backups/snapshots

Can anyone recommend an easy way to setup backups and system snapshots in Fedora?

I’ve successfully used Deja Dup for data backups, so I’ve pretty much got that part licked, although I’m open to recommendations.

System snapshots are harder. I tried using Timeshift, but it seems that you have to tweak the file system a bit to get it working with BTRFS.

I’ve also tried using Timeshift with rsync (not BTRFS) snapshots. I was able to take the snapshots, but when I went to restore one, I got an error message that said restoration could only be done on a Ubuntu-like machine with @ and @home subvolumes, or something to that effect.

I’ve also tried setting up BTRBK with this guide: Fedora Workstation 35 with automatic btrfs snapshots and backups using BTRBK | Willi Mutschler

But I got lost in the separate instructions for an internal vs external drive. I think that’s too much command line for a moron like me. :grin:

I really wish there were a simple GUI tool that could handle this.

Anyhow, thanks in advance for any advice!

Anyone? Beuller? :grin:

We are looking at some suggestions there Add a knowledgebase article for backups · Issue #1740 · privacyguides/privacyguides.org · GitHub.

What I would probably do is use something like duplicity or DejaDup (which has a flatpak and do a backup to an external hard drive or server or something.

You could also look at doing btrfs snapshots: