Fairphone 5

The Fairphone 5 has a long-term supported Qualcomm SoC which should have up to 10 years support as per Fairphone’s own announcement.


Qualcomm supports the QCM6490 in the Fairphone 5 for 5 years, until 2028. The “eight to ten” years Fairphone is promising is more like how they’ve been supporting their previous phones (as well as they can, but incompletely).

5 years is still much better than the typical 3 though, and probably enough for most people. That level of support matches Apple (minimum 5 years) and Microsoft (minimum 5 years of mainstream support).

The other problem Fairphone consistently has is that they do release security patches, but they do so months to sometimes even years late. Big problem with the Fairphone 4.

On the bright side, Fairphone might’ve figured out how to use proper signing keys this time around:


That’s good news. Now let’s hope they also stored the private keys securely.

Fairphone is cool but as you pointed out rightfully their updates are still quite slow. But definitely better than many other manufacturers. Beaides that this is all very offtopic as a fairphone doesn’t come cheap.

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Fairphone is not cool:


Created a new general Fairphone 5 topic in Tool Suggestions just to stop talking about it in that Samsung thread (i.e. just to discuss the new FP5 in one place, not to imply that anyone actually suggested it).


Do you have a source for the partnerdhip with Murena?

And yes i agree with all the concers. Yet there is also a lot they do well and certainly better than other vendors. I didn’t mean to recommend it.


Setting new standards and reshaping an entire industry takes serious, long-term commitment – and likeminded changemakers. So we partnered with Murena, to offer their privacy-focused operating system for our Fairphone 4 – as an alternative to Google’s Android.
Looking for a smartphone experience that has all the functionality and values your privacy? This is it. By default /e/OS doesn’t share any data with Google and it’s been designed to offer a great and natural user experience. /e/OS is paired with carefully selected apps, so you don’t have to choose between functionality and privacy. Fairphone 4 with /e/OS preinstalled is now available on our webshop.

Pretty sure their relationship has expanded since then, as Murena is now the official USA reseller: https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/16674972235537-Murena-Fairphone-4-with-e-OS-in-the-USA