F-Droid App store

I have F-Droid Basic installed but 95% of my apps that are seen on the “My Apps” section of F-Droid have “Ignored All Updates” because I use Obtainium. However, you should use Obtainium only when you get apps officially from the developer’s website or github (and the likes).

I use F-droid to help myself find new foss apps (I’m aware of the website ver. too but I like the app more) and there are some apps that only gets updates through F-Droid.

If you don’t intend to check updates frequently (let’s say everyday) then I don’t see any harm going with F-Droid. I suggest using the official clients tho reason stated here. (PG recommends F-Droid Basic).

There are also foss apps on Play Store so you don’t have to fully throw it under the bus (if you don’t feel comfortable migrating to somewhere else).

EDIT: Added more input regarding my Obtainium usage in the first paragraph.