Duckduckgo is not providing any results atm. Anyone else experiencing this?

What to use now? Startpage is also not in a great light atm. Searx etc are not helpful.

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Looks like Bing’s API is down. People are saying Ecosia is also having issues.



Brave Search:

  1. Independant, doesn’t just proxy results from Google and Bing.

  2. Good results.

  3. Doesn’t log your queries like DuckDuckGo.

  4. Brave Leo is useful.


but blocks Tor and throws a captcha which requires WebAssembly
also doesn’t have an onion service


It does:



Yeh the main reason i went to duck, captchas!
Duck will come back eventually, just everyone hold!
Lol and use others for now obviously.

At least their captchas aren’t nearly as annoying as Google Captcha and hCaptcha.

The duck is alive!

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The WASM requirement is definitely an issue, but I will add that Brave seems to have significantly reduced the amount of CAPTCHAs. I remember running into one nearly every other time I tried to search before, but now I can’t even remember the last one I encountered. So props to them there, at least they’re making it more usable.


I use a VPN and never ran into a captcha. They probably only give those to Tor users.

I was having issues with VPNs for a while as well, but yeah like I said, they seem to have heavily reduced them, so I’m glad to see it.

I use Proton VPN which has a lot of servers compared to Mullvad and IVPN, so that might be why I never encountered a captcha.

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Last time I checked Brave Search some time ago, it didn’t have search for my country. Today I check again and it still doesn’t have it.

You can use it anyway, but indeed for local results, DDG is still superior, although Brave improving ralidly.

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