DoH vs Encapsulation

(Sorry, it’s going to be a wall of text)
I recently started using Mullvad VPN again because I’m cheap, and it seems to get around network blocks with less hassle than IVPN at my work. However, I hate their block lists, so I’ve decided to set up NextDNS and manage my own list configs.

The question I have, since Mullvad VPN’s apps don’t support DoH, am I better off just using the IPV6 address within the client, so I can get the benefit of the encrypted tunnel even though the DNS request isn’t encrypted using DoH?

Or am I better off using Window’s 11 DNS settings and configuring DoH and having my DNS requests be sent outside the tunnel?

I’m leaning more towards the tunnel + IPV6 and keeping it all encapsulated, rather than having it encrypted by DoH but traveling the net outside the tunnel. Also because using DoH via Android’s Private DNS at my work is blocked…because it’s not protected by the tunnel.

Any insight, advise, notes, suggestions are appreciated, I know it’s a long wall of text but ya just thinking out loud and don’t really have anyone to ask.