Does "Total Cookie Protection" is important even I clean cookies?

Does “Total Cookie Protection (TCP)” of Firefox protects me if I don’t login anywhere and I clean all browser history (cookies and everything) in every 5-10 minutes?

In case I don’t enable TCP → JavaScript finds my fingerprint and stores to my cookies. It sends that cookie to 3rd party servers. I clean all the cookies locally. And then I visit any web site again (with same 3rd party). So the web site will understand from fingerprint who I am. That means cleaning cookies does not matter… As a result TCP is important in every case. Am I wrong?

There was a topic already discussed here:

But the original-poster mention that he is removing cookies when browser closes. That means maybe he close the browser once per day. It is very different case. If he suspends the OS, maybe he close the browser session after weeks…


this doesn’t work

Thank you :slight_smile: Answer is “yes” for the reason I wrote? Or another case?

What do you mean it does not work?

Total Cookie Protection provides keying of cookies to websites so that other websites can’t see them.

Clearing cookies while you have pages open is useless because the open pages can just set the cookies again.
You can only reliably clear on close.

You are over-complicating things: just use ETP Strict and maybe Mullvad Browser in addition