DNS servers, Privacy, ExpressVPN

I use ExpressVPN 24x7. They claim “ExpressVPN protects your internet traffic and your DNS queries by running its own encrypted DNS on every VPN server.” Does this mean that all my DNS requests go through Express VPN’s DNS servers so I can have privacy without changing the default DNS servers?

Or will it provide more privacy if I change the default DNS server to ?

Please tell me if you know, thanks.

Yes. You can (and usually should) use your VPN provider’s DNS servers, unless you have specific reasons not to.

You will not gain additional privacy by using 3rd party DNS while using a VPN, except in the case that you do not trust your VPN provider, and if that is the case, the only real solution is to choose a VPN provider you do trust.

There are reasons people sometimes choose to use a 3rd party DNS server in combination with a VPN, but those reasons are for the most party unrelated to privacy.


to be completely honest, i do not see a reason to use expressvpn at all. their regular price seems more expensive than something like mullvad’s (EVEN WITH the 12 month plan!), so even that’s not going for them.


If you’re using ExpressVPN, I wouldn’t be so sure that you’re getting any privacy. This article sums up their problems well, I personally would trust my own ISP more than I trust them, so if you can, I would switch to a provider that PrivacyGuides recommends.