DNS Filtering or VPN if on cellular

On iOS Devices you either can run a VPN or for example you use DNS filtering with Next DNS.

Based on the tools I use I need to decide which one makes more sense.

On a public WLAN it is clear. But on cellular? Isn’t on cellular DNS filtering the better idea? Because DNS queries are encrypted + one gets lot of “bad stuff” removed. Running a VPN on cellular does not bring so much advantages to me……

Am I right?

Many times the VPN you use will also come with a privacy respecting DNS feature. I use Mullvad and it has custom DNS configurations for blocking known malware, trackers, and that kind of thing. Proton VPN also has one called NetShield. If your VPN has this, then you don’t have to worry about it because it covers both bases.

And IVPN has their Antitracker stuff, as well as Windscribe with their R.O.B.E.R.T feature we’re waiting on #1312 #issuecomment-1220699208.

Thanks for the input.

Since you are on a iOS device, private relay is another option. Private relay will use the custom DNS server you have configured.

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