Disposable browser by NetworkChuck

Recently, I came across a video by a YouTuber named NetworkChuck (this was my first time watching one of his videos, so I’m not sure how reliable he is). In the video, he claims to have created a disposable browser, which is essentially a temporary VM hosted around the world, similar to a VPN. Besides the fact that we have to trust this YouTuber to not scoop data, I would like to know how effective this is at enhancing both security and privacy.

I’ve heard of these kinds of services but I fail to see how different it is from running an RDP session to a remote VPS. It is still a service running on another computer that pretty much operates opaquely on the side of the client.

I guess you could do something like this for plausible deniability but I would argue Tor can do the same thing with less overhead.

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I also saw it. This is obviously in no way anonymous nor privacy friendly. Both the hosting (i believe linode) and the owner could see what you do.

The concept itself on security perspective is quite interesting, but not for privacy. But as said by @HauntSanctuary you could easily achieve this yourself. Actually NetworkChuck has had a video about this before. He has demo-ed how you can spin up browsers in a vm on linode and kali etc for security, this is no different.

Also while this virtual machine in the cloud does something, it it’s no magic. If you decide to move the file to your own computer and run it there it will still execute it’s payload.


i dislike how he literally just hosted kasm workspaces, and made no reference to kasm whatsoever acting like its his own work. Besides, its probably cheaper and more trustworthy/secure to host kasm yourself on a vps.

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