GrapheneOS, Orbot, Mullvad, quad9...have i nailed it?

Figure this may be the best place to get an informative response

aside from using privacy browsers, I am just asking is having these four running on a non-Sim phone/tablet the best I can do for privacy & security?

Maybe rethinkdns.

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If you mean like Quad9 as system wide Private DNS option, Orbot in main profile, and a trusted VPN in work profile, then yes that is pretty good and has been my recommendation for years.

But you can’t use Orbot and Tor Browser at the same time and other browsers through Tor will leak like GPU or timezone, etc…

One could argue they may actually reduce security in some regard.
Additionally they won’t help privacy unless you change your habits too.


Go back to a drawing board and threat model. It looks to me like you’re trying to achieve perfect privacy and security, which doesn’t exist, and this is not a good approach to privacy and security.


Tell me whats wrong

I dont use Tor browser

Brave, Cromite, Vanadium, Mull, FFFocus

I’ll now agree with @Lukas, you need to be more concise in your goals.

Installing every privacy/security app is not going to help.


That’s not how the privacy/security game works, unfortunately.
You don’t just install a certain set of apps and are done - you have to stay on top of the game permanently, follow recent news, adjust your choices and more.

Don’t follow hype though.

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This i know

Sheesh a simple question gets a lecture of basics

Let me start again. I have been doing the privacy thing for a while. I joined this forum to improve on what I’ve been doing with people who know more than me

I know one or two apps dont provide foolproof security or privacy, nothing does

I know seniors who have never been on the internet, but just by searching their phone number, you get their life history, home address, family, etc

My question was, using the four items in the title SIMULTANEOUSLY on one profile, is this a good basis or am i missing something?

You can’t do this all on one profile.
I mean you can but you’d be limited to routing apps that support proxy overrides and hope that they’re implemented correctly.

You could alternatively use RethinkDNS to use both a SOCKS to Orbot and Wireguard at the same time, but that is probably hacky.


Its been working fine for the past year

Is there something thats nullifying any benefit?

I thought Orbot would take up the VPN slot, but Mullvad & Orbot are both working

quad9 hasnt given me any problems

Mullvad would take the VPN slot, Orbot would be there doing nothing unless you actually told apps to specifically use it.


I thought that, but Orbot says its connectted and shows up/down transfer and all apps going thru Orbot

Aside, would the three/four of these provide an acceptable level of privacy/security as a ground level?

If Orbot is really not doing much, i can stop using it

My thinking was TOR thru VPN

That is interesting and would mean Orbot is being used!
Then perhaps Mullvad isn’t being used?
What exactly does Settings > Network & internet > VPN show as connected?

It shows Mullvad ,Secure connection

It shows Orbot connected

Network settings show Proton & Mullvad but only Mullvad active, w/blocked apps when not connected

Orbot is not listed under VPNs

Why is it hacky? I mean, the code to make it work is a proper mess and hacky alright :wink:

lack of clear delineation can be a foot gun imo


search up “opsec”

or more seriously - your setup doesn’t matter if you are compromised by human error. stay vigilant.

Example : GrapheneOS can’t protect you if you install a sketchy app and grant it all file access permissions. You gave it the permission. You made the mistake.

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