Delta Chat (Email Client)

I think we should look into Delta Chat not for the instant messaging section, but for the email client section. It could be a good encrypted email client particularly on mobile where there aren’t great options.

I don’t remember if Delta Chat was discussed on GitHub previously, and can’t check now. If anyone finds a previous discussion please feel free to link it.

Initial impressions: I’m surprised there is no automatic encryption with Proton, because I thought any encrypted email would be a first-class citizen on Delta Chat.

Asked them about it:

I’m still curious to see how this works as intended, if anyone would like to download Delta Chat and send me a message:

Very good when writing mails to enterprises and big companies, one can see the mail as a sinplechat easy to ansswer, nice!

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Evidently confusing UX, seeing as sender thought encryption was already working when it in fact wasn’t until I sent my first reply :confused:

Notifications on iOS seem to be hit-or-miss, I’ll find an Android phone to test soon.

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Things are not looking good for Delta Chat right now. If I scan the QR code generated by the Delta Chat app with the Delta Chat iOS app, encryption doesn’t get enabled.

The only suggestion is to scan the QR code, which is how I added the contact originally :thinking:

Edit: Doing it again works, not sure why it didn’t work reliably the first time…

Should we be a bit worried for people that has custom domain being flagged as spammers because of this app?

Interesting, is that something people have reported is common?

I remember something about Proton saying things regarding sending out emails within a reasonable limit and having an email-chat will make that look a bit on the unreasonable side and maybe make Proton think that you are spamming if you are particularly chatty.

Personally I have not encountered that problem with my domain because I don’t have a lot of outgoing mail. I haven’t tried Delta Chat yet and I don’t think I will because of this rate limit worrying.

I’m not sure why is this being considered in the first place.
By design emails have a lot of metadata that cannot be encrypted.

It’s being considered for the reasons already stated, also see: - There’s no need for comments unrelated to the app.

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But delta chat was supposed to be used as a messenger, where both sides use the same client. Any other use-case is unintended

I don’t think so, they heavily market the fact that you can contact a DC users from “any email client” anyways, and vice versa, that you can contact anyone with an email address.

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Crazy idea, but we really should not promote this.

PGP is an ugly patch on email, a system that lacks security and privacy.

They also say their app could be used as email client replacement. I found it too simple, lacking many features and just inconvenient, but there are peoples who do not use emails much and DeltaChat could be ideal for them.


I hear PGP depends on circle of trust as a criticism, whats that all about?

Don’t get me wrong: use PGP when emailing, but just the whole email concept is pretty shit when it comes to security and privacy. No way to protect metadata, no rolling keys, no forward secrecy, compatibility issues with old PGP protocols, etc. All I am saying don’t use this to solve something else. We have perfectly good messengers like Signal, I really think it is a bad idea to use shitty protocols as an alternative here.

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What exactly is that? Heard about it, prob my paxkage manager uses it, don’t know the meaning really.