Clearview AI

Hi all,
I started my reading on the “your face belongs to us” by Kashmir Hill and I got some questions about Clearview AI:

  • Does it find all pictures currently online OR if you delete them now, it becomes useless?
    It works only with CURRENT online stuff? Or Does it have a database?

Someone knows something more about this?


To answer your questions :

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Hi! I don’t know about Clearview AI, but what happens on the Internet stays on the Internet?..

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That’s not entirely accurate, otherwise lost media wouldn’t exist. It would be more reasonable to say “assume anything you post to the public internet will stay there” but if you’re uninteresting enough it’s not too hard to just wipe yourself from most places

Of course, the advent of the AI hype bubble means that basically anything that isn’t bolted down gets stolen into their datasets but that’s a recent development

Yes but none of us has access to it, so it is functionally lost until it is a matter of national security for powerful countries. Even then, you dont get a copy yourself.

But what I said carries the same sentiment, only in a simplified form. I know it’s an old cliché, and it just seemed appropriate to use it in that context. I wasn’t giving much thought about its accuracy.

Tell me about it. Like, where are all my Photobucket photos? I was so upset when they removed hundreds of images I had posted on various forums. It’s the age old problem with hypermedia. It’s not versioned! But the world government is now trying to fix this “bug”.

The “AI” is a lie! The first lie is the name itself. “Artificial intelligence” is the semantic equivalence of “dry water”. It’s a new buzz word, similar to “cloud”, which is just someone else’s computer. What I found most hilarious back in the day when “cloud” was a new term, is that serious research showed that there was a large portion of the population who actually believed that documents saved to the “cloud” were saved to a real cloud, up in the sky! Anyone remember Sky Drive?.. hilarious!

More importantly, “democracy” is a lie! What we have in the West is far from “democracy” as envisioned by the old Greeks who gave us the word. Democracy is not synonymous with freedom, which is an observation that can be made in Western media. Democracy originally meant rule by the people. What we now have in most countries that pride themselves to be a democracy, is a system where “officials” and “representatives” have the ultimate power to rule the nation. It’s called representative democracy. So you and a million other countrymen don’t agree with a new policy? Well, boo hoo! You will have to wait up to 4 years to voice your opinion, and have it count for something. There are simply people with power and influence, and there are those that don’t have either. The AI is a tool for the minority with power to more easily control the powerless majority.

Technically speaking though, it’s not on the Internet if it’s not accessible on the Internet. Not on the Clearnet anyway.

I like how you made that distinction between “us” and them so effortlessly. Even though you are all one nation, as in “one nation under God”. Although I am not part of that nation, I can understand the problem. All men are born equal, except some are born more equal than others. That’s a problem! Problem for some, not for others! It all depends on who is asking and who is answering.

The interest of the majority outweighs the interest of a minority; the interest of a nation outweighs the interest of an individual. There are many examples of this in the animal kingdom. Ladybugs are individualists but they all group together and form rings to keep warm during the winter, close to trees and houses where they can find shelter. Those that are on the outer part of the ring freeze to death, but those that are in the center survive and so their species can go on. Personal sacrifice is necessary for the survival of a nation. So that would seem reasonable, if it was not for the misuse of power by a corrupt government. All under the veil of “national security” and “democracy”. Because men are not ladybugs.

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