Claims made by forensics companies, their capabilities, and how GrapheneOS fares

When you review products for long enough you learn to just take everything security vendors like GrapheneOS say with a grain of salt lol

I should note that the context of my original comment was that GrapheneOS was mere weeks ago in a private Discord server used by law enforcement, going out of their way to antagonize them until they got kicked out. And then they tweeted about it.

I guess the context is probably lost on people who don’t keep up with their nonsense, but to pretend they’re not going out of their way to show off in front of the cops is absurd.

I’m obviously not a law enforcement advocate; ACAB etc. :joy: but calling attention to yourself seems pretty silly to me. The constant standoffish-ness from them is my only problem, and they proved that’s their default behavior yet again with this Tweet. That’s all it is :man_shrugging: