Change version number to YYYY.MM.DD

@dngray what do you think about tagging releases like 2024.03.30 instead of v3.21 from now on?

I feel like that may be more useful information to convey in the navbar.

IMO this is a good fit. The benefit of point release versioning is it highlights or segments big changes – useful when supporting multiple versions/branches.

Since the PG site is essentially just one central rolling release, point release versioning doesn’t provide much benefit.


ISO format make much more sense and conveys more the relevance of the dates vs vague N.NN format at least you have an idea how new it is

FWIW - Earlier when the 3.22 thread posted I wasn’t immediately sure if there had been a release so I had wondered if it was an earlier release since I had not seen it in my RSS feed yet. Would not apply if the version had been today’s date. :slight_smile:

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I’m all for this change. Good idea.

This works for me…

I think that can happen when we push to master. I had to fix one of the commit messages.

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