Can't visit this forum when NetShield is enabled

When I enable NetShield to block malware, tracking, and ads, I can’t visit this forum. Why is that?


Adblocker from ProtonVPN (I guess)

I don’t use protonVPN on PC anymore, but I just tested it, with full netshield enabled, and I have no problem. W11 + edge.
What is the error message?

It just shows loading and nothing happens.

What OS and browser are you using ? Any extension ?

I’m using Vanadium on GrapheneOS. It doesn’t work the moment I select to block malware, tracking, and ads in NetShield. When I choose malware-only blocking or disable NetShield, then I can visit this forum.

Strange, i don’t have this problem on my pixel.
On the website, or in PWA (if it’s change something). Netshield with malware, tracking and ads enable.

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No problems with mine too (Pixel 6A).

I am currenrly on ProtonVPN as well and this site works correctly on my phone.

I got a different problem with Firefox on a different discourse forum. I tried to complain to the site maintainers but they dont seem to be too keen in addressing it.

I think it has something to do with DNS. I don’t experience any such problems on other sites. Could you guys connect to the Lithuanian secure core server over Switzerland and then try to visit this forum? Right now, even messing around with NetShield doesn’t let me in, but changing my DNS in Vanadium settings does the trick.

I had the same trouble this last days using Mullvad browser + Mullvad VPN. The forum was very long to load. I didn’t had this problem with the grapheneos forum wich i think is based on the same tool…

Just try and it works for me

Just double tested this on my graphene OS device and I cannot duplicate it, so i suspect something else is going on here.

I’m on a fresh install of GrapheneOS right now. Everything is on default except that I downloaded Proton VPN and connected to a secure core Lithuanian server via Switzerland. I try to visit this forum, but I get stuck on a loading screen. The reason you guys can’t replicate it might be because of a different server, protocol, or IP. I’m attaching a screenshot below with all the information.

The weird thing is that selecting any secure DNS provider in Vanadium’s settings fixes this, and that this only happens when trying to visit this forum. GrapheneOS forum and other sites work fine.

I just noticed that when I enable “block scripts” on Brave Shield that there are 44 blocked scripts on this page. By far the most scripts blocked of any website I have visited.

Can anyone explain in layman’s terms what those 44 scripts are doing?

While this workaround fixes my problem, it is still far from ideal. Can someone help me with this issue?

Still facing this issue.

Try the stealth protocol and another country for the server

Switching to Stealth protocol didn’t work and I don’t want to switch to a different country and I shouldn’t have to.

Just try anyway. Maybe your country is required to filter out some sites?