CalyxOS (Android ROM)

Posting a question asked of us on Matrix for further discussion:

Is CalyxOS worth revisiting now that they’ve added support for the Motorola G32, G42, and G52?

The argument being that the Motorola G32 is a ~$150 option brand new, whereas Pixel devices are $350 at minimum from a trusted source (Google Store), $499 minimum for a current-gen product, and still ~$200 minimum even on the used marketplace.

The real question is: All this being the case, do we prefer CalyxOS over DivestOS? Previously we did, which is why our ranking was GrapheneOS > CalyxOS > DivestOS, and we only removed CalyxOS once their device support was identical to GrapheneOS.

That being said, I’m not sure if this is actually wise in the present day, DivestOS might be preferable to CalyxOS in all aspects anyways, and then this doesn’t matter as much.

That seems to be the general agreement above, although not unanimously [1, 2]. In which case I’d ask, what phone would you recommend someone with a $100-$300 budget buy? Maybe that can be a separate thread.