Browser-Fingerprinting via Favicon

Source code: GitHub - jonasstrehle/supercookie: ⚠️ Browser fingerprinting via favicon!

The tracking method works even in the browser’s incognito mode and is not cleared by flushing the cache, closing the browser or restarting the operating system, using a VPN or installing AdBlockers.


Reminds me of Cookieless cookies but I don’t think it is accurate because I recall visiting this site a while ago, and now it shows that I visited it only once (my current visit). It is either the tracking not reliable or or the admin of web server cleared logs…

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This is very interesting, but all browsers I have tried, including non-privacy-oriented ones like Microsoft Edge, give different results between normal and incognito browsing.

It survives Forgetful Browsing in Brave. So is as well.

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