Brave fingerprinting measures


Brave browser is very good and it is the recommended android browser at privacyguides.

Brave uses a generic user agent to blend in with the crowd. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

However, at the same time, it is easy for a website to detect if the browser being used is Brave thanks to this function: navigator.brave.isBrave(). That makes the user unique and easy to fingerprint I think. Is there a way to disable that function ?

Technical Demo - Fingerprint Pro : This website can easily identify me even if I use incognito mode and use a VPN. You can test it yourself.

Thanks for reading.

There is a lot more to fingerprinting than the user agent. The user agent doesn’t really play a big part these days.

We’ve been meaning to create a fingerprinting overview in regard to explaining this a bit better.

There were some quite good replies which we could make a part of that in some form.


Thank you so much for the links, that’s exactly the type of explanations I was looking for.