Bluring screen\messages for safety in Public spaces


Often i sit in public places or co-workings and work on something or chatting. People go througth, look into screen by wish or not, so i thought - if there any program to blur all the screen exept 3x7 cm square around my mousepointed at… program wich i can also turn on or off of by a need??

Spending day looking for Git’s ready foss give me no results

Maybe someone know such? Or can help to wirte it if have intrested too?

On python or other language… Most important it can be used in Debian and other GNU\Linux systems

I’m bad at coding but i can help with 2D\3D models tho

Maaaany thanks in advance!

privacy screen protector?

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know it, but it don’t work. ppl often come too close and straight + i often looking on angle to screen myself

Is the 3x7cm box essential or is the essential part preventing people looking at your screen on short notice, because if it’s the latter, you could just lock the screen using a keyboard shortcut (I haven’t touched KDE in a hot minute but I think both it and GNOME do the same keyboard shortcut like Windows of super+L to quickly lock the screen)

box is essential. other screen is blured. but would be cool if there will be an option to set a scale of this unblured box by own wish\parameters