Blaze Transfer (File Sharing)

From their website:

" The Most Secured Encrypted File Transfer Solution.

Blaze Transfer is a Post Quantum End-to-End encrypted large file transfer platform for industrial, enterprise and individual users. Your data is safe against both quantum computers and classical computers".

I personally can’t find any references to source code or the service being open source or self-hostable, so personally, I don’t think its a great addition. Also, why is it any better than something like Send (already recommended)?


Unlimited file size. All send instances I found are very limited in per file upload size and self-hosting is not an option for me.

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I mean, you can still use it if you want, but recommending an essentially unverifiable product seems a bit risky to me.

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PrivacyGuides team can contact Blaze and ask for more information.

I don’t think recommending BLAZE is a good idea. The website is littered with buzzwords, there’s no mention of it being open source, and honestly it just feels sketchy… unlimited file size? Suuuuuure. Especially since there’s a handful of similar projects that are open source and legitimate.

Plus I don’t trust any cybersecurity product that uses a stock image like this (source):

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I would not jump on the conclusions based on stock image until PrivacyGuides team requests more information from Blaze.

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I sent an email to them yesterday inquiring about the source code, but no response as of yet. I dont have high hopes

I also can’t but help thinking they chose “blaze” because of

and yes no source or whitepaper in how this product even works.

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Information like that should be provided, we shouldn’t have to tease general information out of a service that should be publicly available.

This goes against transparency and verifiability we like to have with anything we claim. We’re not a third party marketing/astroturfing website.


You might go ahead and ask them a question here,
where they run a special deal now.

It would be interesting for everyone how they’d respond.

Thanks for the heads up @dngray . Do you recommend or would you use using this service at all and would you advice to still encrypt files locally using one of your suggested Encryption software?

Blaze runs a great deal now and their unlimited file size is very tempting compared to extremely limited Send instances.

I wouldn’t use it personally no.

There is no assurance your data is encrypted, and a good “deal” just sounds like you’re advertising it.

Send instances are designed for temporarily sending a file to someone, not backing up large amounts of data. Of course a service that is free is going to have more restrictions than one that is not.

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Blaze also does the same, it temporarily sends the file, the same as wetransfer or Send.

In any case it won’t be added, there is no source, no whitepaper, and no audit.

It is a fairly new product with very little information, just a SEO optimized blog with articles from March 2023 to Nov 2023, without any real information.


I think we’d allow them some time.

They’re “waiting for French Security VISA to start offering certification on Post Quantum Encryption”

They responded here.


I don’t think it’s necessary to keep trying to pull the info from the devs, like Daniel said. In my eyes, they’re already ruled out against Send, Wormhole, and others.

Very little transparency on their end, no mention of open source, etc. Their response of waiting for French Security VISA to offer some sort of certification… I don’t even know what that means. I want to be able to see the code, and ideally a third-party audit too.


I have loooked up “french security visa post quantum encryption” for you, you can learn more here:

That doesn’t answer anything. The bulk of the results in that search seem to be about the French government testing post-quantum encryption for their own communications. Do you perhaps have a proper link to a source that clearly explains what a “French Security VISA” certification is?


“First French security visas for products implementing hybrid post-quantum cryptography are expected to be delivered around 2024- 2025”.


I think this is what Blaze is waiting for.