Best practices in booking medical appointments


I have just started my privacy and security journey and Privacy guides has been a great resource along the way.

I am using an email aliasing service for email aliases and have a Google Voice number (will be moving to a privacy oriented solution soon) that I use to avoid giving out my real phone number. I try to limit giving out information unless absolutely required.

I wanted to get an idea of what the recommendation is when booking medical appointments. I have ended up giving my real address, phone number, email address and DOB thinking this may be required for insurance claims and matching against insurance records. I do not give out my SSN.

What is the minimum information that is required to be given out and what can be safeguarded? Medical records have been breached quite often recently and I want to do everything from my end to improve my privacy and security in this aspect.

Any inputs or feedback appreciated.

Edit: This is in the US


Is this in the US?

Do note that it is the insurance company that breaches data. If you can find a doctor that purely does paper documents, that would be best. Unfortunately that also means paying for cash and not using insurance.

Thr less practical thing to do would be to seek healthcare elsewhere (overseas or Mexico?) where there is only paper trail.

In the US medical data is protected by HIPPA, which is pretty strong iirc. Medical stuff shouldnt be what people should be concerned about privacy wise imo, EXCEPT if you sign a waiver giving a company access to your medical records for use beyond what medical care. iirc amazon’s brand of medical providers requires you to do this

Yes, this is in the US

To add to exaCORE’s comment, HIPAA provides guidance to health care entities on how to secure and protected health information (PHI). This link has a good definition of PHI

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