Artado Search (Search Engine)

Why not use Lemmy instead of Reddit? Reddit is horrible. (Just asking)

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I have heard Lemmy but never tried. Gonna check it out. Thanks!

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I use Lemmy and really enjoy Lemmy, but Lemmy has a tiny fraction of the userbase of Reddit. Even after the exodus tech and privacy subreddits have hundreds or thousands of users online at any given time. You can’t really blame someone trying to get a new service or business off the ground for going where the people are.

Why not use Lemmy instead of Reddit? Reddit is horrible. (Just asking)

I hope Lemmy, kbin, or something else replaces Reddit eventually, but I’m guessing the fact that the Lemmy userbase is just ~0.0094%of the Reddit userbase is a big part of the reason (or put another way, less than 1/10,000th of the size of Reddit).

Huh, I guess I missed this thread. In addition to the specific criteria for search engines, there’s always things that we look for overall which I’m not sure this project meets:

I’m concerned about all of the privacy and security related concerns @SkewedZeppelin brought up which haven’t really been addressed:

We’re also just hesitant to recommend non-professional projects in general. One of the biggest things we consider is the long-term viability of projects, because ideally people shouldn’t be forced to switch between tools super often unnecessarily. This isn’t impossible for a non-professional, open-source project to overcome, but if a project isn’t backed by a business with a sustainable financial model then we’re looking for either a really long, solid track record, or a large open-source community of developers who might be able to step in and maintain the project if the original developer disappears, neither of which Artado Search has.

Marking as rejected for now, but thanks for sharing your project anyways.

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Hi, thank you for your answer. Can you tell me which criteria that Artado doesn’t meet?

Almost everything that mentioned before is self-hosted.

No, it actually does not. Artado is possible to host on Linux or other operating systems.

We will try to improve these. But I don’t think these are reasons to reject Artado.

Artado has been actively in development and avaiable to usage since 2020. It is a project which is older than 3 years. I think we have “long-term viability”. We have users who have been using Artado for years. Yes, we have a small community right now, but we have a community that works on this project. This project won’t be dead if I quit from development.