Ars Technica: DOJ quietly removed Russian malware from routers in US homes and businesses

More than 1,000 Ubiquiti routers in homes and small businesses were infected with malware used by Russian-backed agents to coordinate them into a botnet for crime and spy operations, according to the Justice Department.


the DOJ “enabled temporary collection of non-content routing information” that would “expose GRU attempts to thwart the operation.” This did not “impact the routers’ normal functionality or collect legitimate user content information,” the DOJ claims.


The DOJ states it will notify affected customers to ask them to perform a factory reset, install the latest firmware, and change their default administrative password.


Is this the kind of government funded hacking we can approve of? Provided they dont add their own backdoor, of course…

I think its about as good as it gets. It went through the courts (not always something you can rely on the FBI or DOJ to do), and it helped stopped an objectively awful thing.

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