How are backdoors used by governments/companys?

How are backdoors in hardware used realistically by companies and or governments?
Are they constantly watching every pc? If not then are they running ai on your machine to check for anything?! I havent noticed anything suspicous with my machines so not sure how likely the latter is.

Are backdoors only used if theres a reason to single you out? For example if your a known criminal, important figure, business person, government agent? So that means as long as your an average person you can stay under the radar of spying eyes?

Check this

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that helped alleviate my fears a bit. But in YOUR own OPINION, with my OEM hardware being from reputable sources amd, nuvoton, with the only piece of proprietary hardware being the motherboard (probably because the pc is a unique size not sold by other companies). Should I worry about this? Or any other pc hardware for that matter?

As i stated in a post on your other question about a similar topic, it’s not really worth worrying about.

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My opinion doesn’t matter, if you read the thread you should be able to come up with your own. Think about your threat model and go from there.

Lets say in theory they put a backdoor and have my info. It would have to be held by something chinese as company is based and manufactures there. What would they do with that data? Anything that will loom over me in the future? Or is it essentially useless data unless Im hiding top secret info?

Yes there’s nobody after me from what I’m aware of and no reason to be that im aware of.
I just cant seem to find an answer specifically to if there is a backdoor do they (china) automatically use it when the machine is powered up or only when you are of importance (like a government agent). I’ve spent 3 days looking for that answer specifically and I cant find it. Which is why I’m asking in your opinion (it seems like your knowledgeable) have you heard of any government just using backdoors or exploits whenever they can? Or is it a more strategic when needed approach?

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This seems to be exactly the same topic as Paranoid about being backdoored?