Apple's account recovery is a complete nightmare

A relative of mine erased all data and settings on her iPhone, and it turns out that she lost access to a phone number that was linked to her Apple ID. So we started an account recovery process.

Here is the situation:

  • She logged in to the account using her email address and password.
  • The account recovery was started on the exact same device that used that Apple ID a few minutes ago.
  • It was the exact same Wi-Fi that was used minutes ago.
  • She provided that lost phone number.
  • She provided her credit card details.
  • She provided a code that she received in her inbox for the email address that was linked to that Apple ID.

And after all of that, she received an email saying that she will only get access to her account after a week of pointless waiting.

Okay, so let’s just create a new Apple ID while we wait, right? NO!

Because the iPhone was bought used, it turns out that she has reached some absolutely retarded limit that doesn’t allow her to create another Apple ID.

So the phone has basically become an absolutely useless brick for a week. What an absolute joke and lack of ownership of the device! It’s just disgusting.

These sound like protections to make things annoying for people trying to flog off stolen iPhones to be honest.


Yes because they send you notification emails during that week to let you know they’re resetting your credentials. Google does the same thing (although I think it’s only 3-5 days with them IIRC).


I had to recover my Google account this year, and it took about 24 hours. They didn’t ask for a credit card, and it was on a different IP. I was also able to sideload apps onto my phone.

They only send you two emails:

  1. You started an account recovery, and it will take 7 days.
  2. You can already change the phone number.

All that waiting is just useless.

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You wouldn’t say that if your account details had been stolen and the 7 days wait would give you the opportunity to inform Apple and get your account back.