Any LMT Antimalware alternative?

LMT Antimalware is a very strong program for Windows with many features:

  • Kernel-Level Virus Prevention protects the operating system.
  • Checks processes against VirusTotal’s database to ensure that even the latest threats are not missed.
    *CuteDuck engine based on database from ClamAV, supports scanning executable file formats, Microsoft Office files and compressed files.
  • Cloud Database: ~500 new virus added daily to our database. 0.3 sec to scan a file.
  • Anti-Keylogger.
  • Ransomeware protection.
  • Fileless Malware Protection.
  • Microphone guard.
  • Folder Encryption.
  • Basic Firewall.
  • HIPS Rule
    The Host-based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) protects your system from malware and unwanted activity attempting to negatively affect your computer.

And more…

But unfortunately the project is disconnected so that’s why iam asking for alternative, Could you please help me?

The built-in Windows Defender is the alternative. The only reason you wouldn’t just use the built-in antivirus on Windows is if you’re running an enterprise antimalware and endpoint management software.