Android's DNS problems

Hello, Since concerning about privacy, I have chosen Mullvad as my dns provider, but I have a problem.
In android, refreshing e-mail, thumbnails in Newpipe, Twitter, etc. Loads really slow, yet in my browser, all loads perfectly and fast, even videos in newpipe.
(I am running android 9 with stock rom, since there are not any custom roms available for my model).

In my personal computer, I have no problems, Browser, apps, etc. loads fast.

I do not know what might be causing this problem. I would appreciate any help.
Thanks in advance.

As I said on the other forum, you can try with some other dns.
Apart from that, android 9 is quite old and unmaintained. Its vulnerabilities are no longer fixed and your phone might be a swiss cheese.


If you’re not using Mullvad VPN, maybe try NextDNS. Also you should try Fritter or Nitter for Twitter if you’re not sending tweets - they’re way less bloated.