Hi all. Tofu is a mfa app for iOS.

Open source,
Don’t require connectivity and
Don’t connect to an external cloud.

After Raivo’s removal, it comes to me that there is no exact app for iOS regarding functionality. I tried different apps which are being discussed in other threads (Ente Auth, Free OTP, and 2FAS).


Tofu allows you to backup and export tokens via Finder or iTunes, however it’s not very user friendly like Raivo.

From website :

As a secondary level of protection, accounts in Tofu are also included in iOS backups. To be able to restore these on a new iPhone, backups must be made using iTunes or Finder on the Mac, and have to be password protected. Tofu’s accounts will not migrate to a new iPhone, when restoring from an iCloud backup. This is true for all apps that store accounts in the iOS Keychain and there’s currently no way for us to affect this. We hope Apple will change how iOS backups work in the future.

I really don’t understand why Raivo can sync it via iCloud, but Tofu cannot. Maybe, someone who has knowledge on this issue van Enlighten us.

Lastly, there is no Mac app or extension.

It was mentioned by me in other threads already. It is a nice app however it does not seem to be actively maintained anymore. Last update was November 2022 and the feaure requests pile up.


At some risk here, I’ll say it - Tofu on iOS could be considered “feature complete”. If you just need a 2fa code, it’s great. Is there another (actual) open source app that simply does this function on iOS?


2FAS can also be used by deactivating cloud backup.


I think we can safely close this.

Ente seems a good options and FreeOTP aswell. I think that’s enough really and those are maintained actively

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I was not aware that ente made an totp app.

so I looked into alternativeto, and found

have you heard about them? thei say in the app store that they collect less data then what ente collects

Different threat already open on that Add 2FAS (Authenticator App)

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