Add OnlyKey Hardware Key

After reading SoloKey (Hardware Security Key), I think the OnlyKey is next up on the list.

Asking to add OnlyKey to the Multi-Factor Authentication page with Hardware Keys - Multi-Factor Authenticators - Privacy Guides
The OnlyKey ticks most of the requirement boxes (Multi-Factor Authenticators - Privacy Guides).

More info on the OnlyKey -

Minimum Requirements

The one thing what is missing (from what I know, or haven’t found it) is a public external security audit of the OnlyKey.
There are many reviews out there like OnlyKey: The ultimate security key for professionals | ZDNET

It does have a very good documentation, for example: About Security | Docs
It’s highly durable: OnlyKey Durability Review & the video - OnlyKey Durability Tests - YouTube

Is it possible to add OnlyKey to the Hardware Key list or do we need to wait until there is an official external audit for the OnlyKey?


My problem with OnlyKey is that they allow you to back up the key to a file, which is not typical for hardware security keys. Generally the point is that the private keys on such a device never touch software.


Might as well use a key file in a USB than that. At least you have an idea on how it shoukd theoretically work.

But then again, it just has to be significantly cheaper than a YubiKey

Okay, I’ve read the Github posts.
Thanks for the clarifications and then we need to wait for an independent security audit.