Add more reactions

It would be cool if there would be more reactions available such as: :joy::+1::-1: etc. As of now, we can only like the post or leave no reaction at all.


Would it be possible and useful to add a reaction to suggest something as a candidate for the “This Week In Privacy” blog? Although maybe it’s confusing for this to be done on individual posts when the blog would cover the topic. Could this reaction be added to the top post only?

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Yes, looks good to me.

Actually, this was once a thing on the forum, but it got removed.

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I’m not interested in using this plugin until reactions are properly counted by the likes system for the purposes of sorting posts by most liked, having automatic trust levels, etc.

In the current state of Discourse, Likes are a very functional tool, and reactions are purely cosmetic, and you can’t have both. Reactions are one of my most disliked features on another Discourse forum I run because of this, so it won’t be changed here for the time being (but if these facts ever change then I’ll be all over it!)


They added the feature! Refresh if you don’t see them yet.

2024-05-30 at 19.27.16

Now we have a bunch of reactions, some will count as likes for the purposes of badges and trust levels, and some will not: