Add links to forum discussions topic related to that tool

I am not sure if this has been considered before or not (atleast i couldn’t one) , but it would be helpful if the relevant discourse or github discussion threads would be linked with their tool recommendations on the privacyguides website.
This will help the user to get additional info on what was considered before such tool was recommended, and also any additional pros and cons discussed regarding that tool, thus giving extra knowledge about it.
Though it is understandable that not every tool could be linked to a specific discussions but still could add value to users to help in decision making about a tool.
A small icon could be used below the recommendation to direct the user to a related thread in the community discussions.

This automatically happens. When a pull request (or issue) is mentioned here the bot will do that. Each change on the site, is included in the releases page. A discussion here will generally reference a pull request when opened.

Each release gets its own thread here too.

This is fine but this links events in a chronological way.
My request was to link the proposal thread of each tool directly in the place where its suggested on the website , alongside the source code , privacy policy links of that tool.

For example the place where “Libretube (android)” is suggested on the recommended tools>Frontend section, a link to its respective proposal/discussion on github or forum which is LibreTube (NewPipe Alternative), could be added ,so that a user can refer to the arguments made for & against recommendation of such tool hence adding to the knowledge of the user.
This may not be relevant for every user visiting the website but could be helpful for some users who want additional info on reasons behind that recommendation or simply wants to contribute info regarding it.

I have attached a screenshot as an example of my request.

In practice the links could be added at any place as you feel like.
I understand that it would not be possible to link each discussion with its respective recommendation and would involve teams efforts and time in such activity, so would respect the teams decision on this


FIne, Thanks for the help. It will help me to add links in forum. Libretube app is one of the best alternative for Newpipe