X25519Kyber768, a new Post-Quantum Cryptographic Algorithm available in Chromium browsers flags

Browser security and privacy headlines never get boring. For example, there’s a headline about ECH recently, but it is a letdown for me, though. However, today, I want everyone opinion regarding a post- quantum internet security defense algorithm called X25519Kyber768.

You can enable this feature in any Chromium browsers with #enable-tls13-kyber flag. You can test whether your browser can protect you against a post-quantum attack in this page: https://pq.cloudflareresearch.com/.

I tried searching this forum to see any topic related to the Kyber feature in the browsers, but there’s none even though the feature has been introduced since Chromium 116. Is it not effective or has it just slipped through everyone attention?

You can see more about this feature here.

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It’s cool, but it’s not that exciting until it becomes generally available, because it requires both clients and servers to actively opt-in at the moment, so adoption is quite low. Quantum threats are likely a decade+ out too, so it doesn’t matter as much to most people in the context of internet browsing.

Signal took a similar (X25519 + CRYSTALS-Kyber) approach to their recent upgrade to PQ-security which got talked about in our communities a bit more. Interesting to note they’re using Crystals-Kyber-1024.