Which is the best version of Windows for privacy: Windows 11 EU (GDPR), AME11 or RevOS?

I found Ameliorated the other day which sounds nice. When researching more though, it sounds like it doesn’t actually strip out all of the anti-privacy features. It sounds like Windows 11 has an EU version without the spyware features because of GBDR? Where can I download this, or should I use AME11 or Revision instead?

I think the closest one of them being the best is the EU version since it always you to uninstall cortana
And especially Microsoft edge and I recommend to not even install revos since its a modified Windows iso that’s only good for maybe gaming but then again you should stick with the official releases so you can’t infect yourself with malware


The EU version is the one with an N, so if you download a standard ISO you should be able to pick Pro N or Enterprise N while installing and activate that instead of the non-N version. You’d need to get the right product keys though or use another means of activation


He probably meant the new EU version which is not available yet.

Stay away from AME or other modified windows versions. They often sacrifice on security a lot. Use Windows 11 enterprise or education edition. The new EU edition which will allow you to uninstall more MS software is not available yet to my knowledge.


Note that windows N version for some stupid reason doesn’t work with Windows Mixed Reality VR headset. So people may want to avoid that if they play vr

I would be very surprised if anyone was still using a Windows Mixed Reality headset in 2024 given that the Windows Mixed Reality platform as a whole is being deprecated within the next year, whereas

Thanks for addressing the security problems with these modified Windows versions

You just need to install that package to use it and probably Window Media Player.
Windows N just comes without a lot of bloatware. Basically nothing is preinstalled.

I changed your title in GDPR I assume that’s what you mean?

To my knowledge the N version just comes without all the Media features. Atleast it used to.

It is (or was) trivial to install the missing packages.

It also doesn’t install xbox shit, candy crush all kinds of other unwanted apps.


I’ve tried that, but no you can’t do that. It’s just one of those windows bullshittery. Honestly hoping for Monado to get good so that I could ditch windows for good.

Considering that arguably the best WMR headset, HP Reverb G2 V2, was only released like 2 years ago. People using it is not out of the picture, unless the current ultra consumerist landscape considers a 2 years old device outdated

Or maybe Windows Mixed Reality just never took off so the chance some random person is actually a user of WMR is so unlikely that it’s not something worth mentioning

Worst case scenario I could just stay at windows 10/11 for gaming and backup the WMR msix