Which is the best Fedora Gaming Linux Distro

Hello again my friends so which fedora distros do you recommend for gaming on Linux i won’t use ubuntu Based ones because they are not secure and arch is too hard for me so give your best Choices and i will be Glad to use them

How is Ubuntu drastically worse than the other big distros?

Arch has an installer these days.

If you want Fedora, use Fedora.
If you want Arch, use Arch.
If you want Debian, use Debian.
etc. etc.

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Thanks man but then what’s the point of all the other Distros my use case is deferent from yours not to offend Fedora Graphene os And your own os Divest Etc but I want to choose my own Linux Distributions without needing Too much security so be careful next your helping someone else and Good luck with Improving the Mull browser :smiley:

Hello I’m still here you haven’t answered my question about the point of Other Linux Distros

Honestly, you can choose just about any distro you want. The main difference between them is probably their repositories, which if you use Flatpak or something, that matters even less. Steam is supported on pretty much all of them, as is Wine, I’m pretty sure.

Find a distro that you like, and use it.

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Thanks again for your answer noClaps also i like your blog and i use Fedora KDE and Pop os for my Gaming laptop and i use regular arch for testing pac man packages