What is the best blocklists/ blocklists you are using?

I want to get the 100% in Adblock test by d3ward but without breaking my usage for things like Frost for Facebook and Infinity for reddit…etc

And even with using the list he is using in the testing website, Iam not getting the damn 100%

Could you help me getting the some good adblock lists?

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On Brave, brave://flags
Enable extension network blocking: Enabled
Enable cosmetic filtering: Enabled
Shields first-party network blocking: Enabled
Block insecure private network requests: Enabled
Enable domain blocking: Enabled

I was unable to play 100% using Firefox with any extension.


FYI, that test is currently broken, in many instances it’s impossible to get 100%:

Yet despite every third party script being blocked, including doubleclick, the test still reports doubleclick and some other domains not being blocked, giving me a score of 90%


Anyways, i’d recommend hagezi’s dns blocklists if you have a pihole, or are using something like nextdns/rethinkdns, etc. https://github.com/hagezi/dns-blocklists, which is pretty good.

And as for ublock, the default ones are already good, i like to also use dandelion sprouts url shortener lists 1 and 2.

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Those tests are broken/useless.

Regardless I recommend uBlock Origin configured as such:

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Got 100 !

Remember that you don’t need to reach 100% for the test to indicate that you have strong protection. The author of the test himself wrote it in the FAQs: A green score indicates a satisfactory level of protection. There is no need to aim for a perfect score.

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Remember that the tests are broken, I can get a 100% without any blocker.

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Per PG’s suggestion, I try to stick to the uBlock defaults. I do however add Actually Legitimate URL Shortener Tool per PG and arkenfox’s suggestion. I also enable the Fanboy and uBlock Annoyances lists uBlock ships because giant cookie consent pop ups really annoy me.

For coverage beyond desktop web browsers, I point my DNS to CondtrolD’s OISD or StevenBlack filtering servers. StevenBlack seems to be popular and well maintained, so I use it on my devices, and OISD claims to prioritize functionality over blocking, so I recommend it to non-technical people.


OSID is awesome.

And I maintain my own list Blocklists for AdGuard Home, AdGuard, Little Snitch, Open Snitch, uBlock Origin, Brave Adblock, pfBlockerNG, and PiHole | blocklist.


OISD combines lists without regards to their licenses.

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sounds more like a problem for them than for us. Honestly I would not give a damn if they copy mine, I am just contributing to fight the stupd trackers, malware etc. I do get your point in that’s not all to nice to do this but for the end user all that matters is a good list and OISD is such one.

I actually might change the license on mine to allow for that. I once planned to use ddg data so that’s why i have this but we never really got through with it because their data was quite unusable.

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oisd is a bit too lenient with its whitelisting imo, it whitelists some google tracking domains for e.g as some people might use google shopping ads.

I’d recommend hagezi’s which i’ve found equally as hassle-less in that i dont need to maintain a whitelist because of it, despite being more effective. The devs really active with maintaining it, basically online 24/7 lol

True its a good list for your grandparents and other non techies. Really filters without anyone noticing issues.

This is the way!

I, and many other recommend “HaGeZi - Multi PRO++” list. I’ve used it for a couple of months and haven’t broken anything while surfing on my desktop and mobile.

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