What are privacyguides thoughts about futo.org?

[futo.org. Bringing control of computing back to the people]

they develop some apps and other stuff that focus on open-sourche, privacy, etc.

why is futo.org not recommended in tool or guide suggestion list?

It should be noted they’ve directly supported many projects such as Signal, Tor, GrapheneOS, CalyxOS, microG, and my DivestOS: Legendary Grants - FUTO

Grant aside: having spoken to them personally, they seem pretty cool.


Most of their products (at least Grayjay) are only source-availble and not open-source. Rosmann explained that this was to prevent crappy forks with ads, tracking,etc. But his license basically only allows for personal modification. That being said, some of it’s products are being discussed in https://discuss.privacyguides.net/tags/c/site-development/suggestions

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Theoretically it will be open-source at some point as part of the 3 pledges they have states that all Futo-funded projects are expected to be open source or to develop a plan to eventually become open source. How long that plan will take is a different question.

@Encounter5729 That page doesn’t exist