What's Changed

  • Change inaccurate wording for DNS providers by @mfwmyfacewhen in #2132
  • Update financial-services.md by @ItsDonny in #2136
  • Add Accrescent & Play Store Link For IVPN by @matchboxbananasynergy in #2139
  • Remove Play Store link for shelter by @noClaps in #2141
  • Add two missed asterisks for Bold by @datoshkr in #2140
  • Remove mention of built-in Twitter support for Netnewswire by @mfwmyfacewhen in #2143
  • Add mention of Apple Mail's Protect Mail Activity feature by @mfwmyfacewhen in #2145
  • Fix 1password privacy policy link by @mfwmyfacewhen in #2151
  • Update NetNewsWire icon by @BionicBison05 in #2152
  • Why Privacy Matters by @jonaharagon in #2153
  • Remove redundant statements in frontends page by @mfwmyfacewhen in #2144
  • Say OAuth instead of SSO by @jonaharagon in #2148

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Full Changelog: v3.9.2...v3.10

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