Using Sandboxed Google play with "normie apps" logged in, what are the risks and compromises?

I’m getting a pixel soon and I’m wondering about this question. I’m not really clear on how the sandboxed Google play service enhance our privacy either. If I log in my Google account then Google would still track and collect my data right?

You’d probably have better luck asking on the GrapheneOS forums:

You can also read the docs: Features overview | GrapheneOS

When you log into your Google account with Sandboxed Google Play, they can access whatever you do in their apps, or apps that communicate with them using IPC (inter-process communication) but not really anything else, since all apps are isolated from each other in their own sandboxes. So they’d know what apps you install from the Play Store, for example, but not necessarily what you do in those apps.

This contrasts the privileged installation of Google Play in the stock OS, where they can, theoretically, access app and system data, and send it back to Google.

TL;DR: So they can collect about as much data as any other app with tracker libraries would be able to, but not much else.

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