Upcoming forum domain name change

The domain name of this forum is going to change to discuss.privacyguides.net on Tuesday, November 1st. The current domain name will redirect to the new one, so no action should be required on your end.

However, if you use Hardware Keys (U2F) for 2FA, those will no longer work after the domain name change and will need to be set up again. Please make sure you have backup codes or TOTP enabled as a 2FA backup by Nov 1, otherwise you will need to contact us to recover your account.

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I am curious. Why the change?

Perhaps it has to do with the kind of traffic the website gets. Forum traffic vs simple browsing traffic, although I don’t really know since I am not a web developer.

Just in time for my 2 new yubikeys!

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We’re just placing all forms of user-generated content on privacyguides.net.