Tesla privacy

What information can Tesla collect? Can you access the Tesla cameras? What is true and what is not? all information is valuable thanksss!

There are very few positives when it comes to Tesla and Privacy.

Huge Tesla leak reveals thousands of safety concerns, privacy problems

The German publication Handelsblatt is in possession of more than 23,000 internal files and documents from Tesla after an employee leaked the data. The files include personal information on more than 100,000 current and former employees, as well as thousands of reports of problems with Tesla’s advanced driving assistance systems, Autopilot, and “Full Self-Driving.”

Tesla workers shared sensitive images recorded by customer cars

But between 2019 and 2022, groups of Tesla employees privately shared via an internal messaging system sometimes highly invasive videos and images recorded by customers’ car cameras, according to interviews by Reuters with nine former employees.

‘Privacy Nightmare on Wheels’: Every Car Brand Reviewed By Mozilla — Including Ford, Volkswagen and Toyota — Flunks Privacy Test

According to Mozilla research, popular global brands — including BMW, Ford, Toyota, Tesla, Kia, and Subaru — can collect deeply personal data such as sexual activity, immigration status, race, facial expressions, weight, health and genetic information, and where you drive.

Court rules automakers can record and intercept owner text messages

But the appellate judge ruled Tuesday that the interception and recording of mobile phone activity did not meet the Washington Privacy Act’s standard that a plaintiff must prove that “his or her business, his or her person, or his or her reputation” has been threatened.


Tesla collect a LOT of information, exactly what I don’t have good information on other than articles like the ones @Parish2555 listed above. Unfortunately many brands seem to be heading down a similar path.

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You might also want to know that Tencent (big tech China) has a 5% stake in Tesla.