Suggestion on Peer 2 Peer New Communication/Messaging App

Hy Guys
I came across a messaging platform called MANYVERSE Peer 2 Peer .

Manyverse is a project /application/fork of this
Its Open Source and they claim following
No ads.
No pay wall.
No data centers.
No cloud. No cookies.
No company. No investors.
No token. No ICO. No blockchain.
No tracking. No spying. No analytics.
No tedious registration. No premium costs.
No annoying notifications, emails, and banners.

**I wonder is anyone who is already using this platform or have an expertise to analyses or can analyses these kind of messaging platform kindly give me sufficient feedback and i need full of your thoughts on this Platform **


Never used them, but there are already mutiple p2p options on PG that have also been audited and are well-known. Why not use one of those?

Yes i know but trying to explore is the best option

This seems to be a social network focussed app rather than messaging. The site also says nothing about encryption…

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Your right nothing mentioned about the encryption

It is using scuttlebutt protocol. But it lacks documentation.

“verse” in its name is not very assuring.